Dr. Deepak is a Professor of Psychology (USA) who has given and supervised IQ tests and personality tests to over 5000 individuals. Human Design is the best. Dr. Deepak is also an Astrologer who has given sessions to over 5000 spiritual seekers in 12 countries world wide.? Human Design can tell you Strategy & Authority that astrology cannot do. Dr. Deepak is also a NLP Hypnotherapist and Human Design is the quickest way to know, accept, and relax with yourself. To love the miracle of who you are is to love life itself.

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What might it be like for you......

  • to discover your true nature?
  • to enjoy total self acceptance?
  • to find you own unique inner voice of truth?
  • to make the right decisions every time
  • to ?know in detailed depth your best potentials to succeed in all areas of your life?
  • to unravel the mysteries of relationships?
  • to understand the design of others, and to know how best to relate with them?
  • to have a simpler, richer and more purposeful life?

Human Design is a map, a blueprint, a schematic for who you are and what you are supposed to do with your life here on Earth. It is a map of your True Self at both the conscious and unconscious levels. It is the Instruction Manual on how to live your life at the Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual levels that fulfill your purpose in life and enables you to live a path of greatest fulfillment and least resistance and pain.

Human Design is a new system that came to Earth through Ra Uru Hu in January, 1987. It is a new knowledge that combines the ancient systems of Kaballah, Chakras, Astrology, and I’Ching in a new way that includes modern sciences of physics and genetics.

This group is not for academic information giving only. We will have times for questions about personal issues in your life. It is a group for personal transformation and growth. I will know the map and chart of every single person in the group. That is why the group is kept to a small and personal size.


˙ receive a personal chart of your Human Design that is unique to you
˙ receive a personal package of information that is useful to your life.
˙ know and understand your Type (there are five) that is your True Self
˙ know your own personal Strategy to meet with least resistance in the world
˙ know your Inner Authority that will tell you how to make the best decisions
˙ know the primary pain and suffering you will feel if you live your Not-Selfthat are correct for you every time. It tells you the way to know your own truth.
˙ know your Profile that will tell you what role you are to play in this life.
˙ know which Chakras are activated and which energies are fixed and reliable. You will know which parts of you are True and cannot be changed.

know which Hexagrams from the I’Ching are activated and what behaviors are correct and will align you to your True Self


?know which parts of you are the result of conditioning and are not really true for you. You are unique and what society/family expects and who you really are can be totally different. Your choice is to live your life according to your own personal Truth or to live your life according to someone else’ ideas.

˙ share 12 hours of talks and discussions in class about how it is to be Human.

We need your birth data ahead of seminar to have time to make your chart.
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