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HOROSCOPE: September-October 2017.
星座運勢雙月刊 2017年9~10月

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此刻星情 MOOD OF THE MOMENT. Planets in the 5th House emphasize self-expression and risk taking. Trump’s chart having a Mars transit over his Mars on the Ascendant. He has always been a gambler and risk taker. Saturn transit over his Moon gives depression. Yes, believe it, someone with all his money and power can be depressed. His kind of depression is called agitated depression. He has to get angry (again) and blow something up to get out of feeling bad.

牡羊 ARIES.Strong energies to express yourself, to communicate who you are, to compete, be first and to win. To others you may not seem like a team player, but what they do not realize is that you bring power, passion and pride to the collective. Your power empowers everyone else if they are awake enough to feel.

金牛 TAURUS.Yahoo, you are having a Jupiter aspect and this is Mr. Good Guy of the Zodiac. He brings good luck and good fortune, particularly at this time in relationships and others in general. Good people come into your life and good things happen to the people already in your life. Happens every 12 years

雙子 GEMINI.Stability and commitment with old friends and freshness and uniqueness with new friends the likes of which you have not had before. Lots to talk about. In many ways your ego is like an ocean now with your waves touching on many shores and the fish within you finding home wherever they turn.

巨蟹 CANCER.Your intelligence is an emotional intelligence with many currents seen and unseen. There is a leap in your ability now to see the unconscious forces which are shaping your life and it is thanks to any struggle going on in your life that has not yet been resolved. Struggle is good; it helps you see the purpose of life.

獅子 LEO.Active time in your life involving relationships, being busy and active, and learning/ communicating about yourself. Now the pattern turns to money and resources and making sure they are on a solid and practical basis. Not a good idea at this time to take chances with your resources or go for get rich schemes.

處女 VIRGO.The Neptune transit opposite Virgo has been teaching you that intuition, wholeness and going beyond what words can express can give you meaningful insight. The Way of the Mystic, All-Is-One. Now Mercury is transiting and you are super logical more than before. They are not incompatible, just separate. It is part of your birthday present.

天秤 LIBRA.This is really a juicy time to feel happy and optimistic, have relationships that arouse feelings of both passion and pain, and to feel the kundalini energy that is at the core of your life. Sudden unexpected turns of good fortune are possible, particularly on your birthday. It is a good time to be part of the team. You are not alone.

天蠍 SCORPIO.There is change coming into your life and in a very good way. The more you are open to others and can be seen, the more you will be filled with good energies that expand you and help you express the uniqueness of yourself in ways that will be received. It is a lucky time and it is okay to take a risk.

射手 SAGITTARIUS.It is Nature time now and the trees and leaves of grass help you bond with the Universe. Good to walk in the park or take the trail to the hills and valleys of your inner self. The paradox is that there is such a joy inside at the same time distractions of success and recognition will be offered to you on the outside.

魔羯 CAPRICORN.Maybe all your life you have been a practical person whose job was to make things work in the world only to discover now that nothing works in the world. It all falls down. It is all maya and illusion on the outside and you might laugh when you discover your dreams and intuitions are what is real and solid. You have to be alone to know that.

水瓶 AQUARIUS.Time to take the Trip. Good time to throw it all to the wind, burn your bridges, and go somewhere you have never been to see just how green the grass can be. Good to take a partner with you or to meet new friends on the way. Long time short time, it doesn’t matter. Let your destination become your home.

雙魚 PISCES.It is a time of many, many different people coming into and out of your life and it will be both magical and an illusion. Some will try to teach you but the words will not make any sense. Some will try to motivate your lazy butt, but you are at peace. Some will love you and it will be good if you show them the way.