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HOROSCOPE: March-April 2017.

Deepak in Taipei

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此刻星情 MOOD OF THE MOMENT.Strange duality going on – abundance and restriction at the same time. Displays of personal wealth while Rome burns and London Bridge falling down. Infrastructure needs to be maintained and rebuilt, but not enough funds to do the job. No one prepared to deal with The-Out-Of-Ordinary and yet that is What Comes.

牡羊 ARIES.Almost half the planets are in Aries now and the Universe is going your way. Still a long time Uranus transit that emphasizes your own individuality at the expense of compromise. But Venus transit now gives you the charm that charms other people to admire and agree with you. You don’t have to butt your head against brick walls anymore, but you will be spending more money.

金牛 TAURUS.You can appreciate a time of silence and retreat before the storm because things are about to get more active in your life. Most of this time Mars will be transiting Taurus, which will being more energy into your life. This energy can help you get things done or it will make you more impatient and irritable. To the degree you learn from silence now, this extra energy will work for you in a beneficial way.

雙子 GEMINI.Friendship time. Nearly half the planets are in your house of friends and common goals and this should be a busy social time for you. Go where the people are and your friends will be there. Any invitations involving action, activity, adventure, or sports would be best for you now. Enjoy being liked by others my friend. You deserve it.

巨蟹 CANCER.There are so many forces and energies provoking, supporting, enhancing, blocking you at this time that it is hard to predict. Some of you will be in a love story and some of you will be separating from a love story. Some of you will be shocked by surprise and others stuck in the mud. The biggest impact for Cancer is the aspect of Pluto since 2008. Born before the 8th, you may be healing. Born after, the challenge is yet to come.

獅子 LEO. Well, this is interesting. It seems like during this time, you are more interested in truth than you are in sex. Everything is pointing to knowing, understanding, reading, discussing the truth as you understand it or how you would like for it to be. The trick to this is that truth does not come from the mind. Sometimes it comes from sweat or pain or orgasm or even a sneeze.

處女 VIRGO.Three planets in Pisces opposite Virgo bringing some lack of clarity or confusion into your logical paradigm for a while. It is a contribution not a calamity. Logic works by excluding that which doesn’t fit; Pisces intuition works by including everything. When inclusion and exclusion are used in the same sentence, then you can have a complete thought.

天秤 LIBRA.People ask me when is the best time to find love and I tell them it is when there is Venus transit through the 7th House. It is not the only time, but it is the best time. Now Libra is having a Venus transit and it is absolutely beautiful. Your relationships are at their best now. Also because you are having Jupiter transit giving you good luck, self-confidence and joy.

天蠍 SCORPIO.Almost half the planets are in your house of health now. It can indicate you will be spending more time on medical or health matters. They are not the same, but both are ignored through most our lives. This is a time to pay attention to your health and what it takes in your daily life-diet, nutrition-to keep your body and mind working well. Pay attention to the little things.

射手 SAGITTARIUS.It is a good time to start the party early. You have been going through a Saturn transit for a couple of years now and it is a heavy, dry energy intended to make you a practical person. Well, now your chart says party time and have some fun. Get out of the house and have some fun with something a little bit risky. When you hve something to lose, you have the most to gain.

魔羯 CAPRICORN.During the Pluto transit 2008 to 2024, something will break. That is its job, to stress your weak spots to make them stronger or fail. Later this year you will be having a Saturn transit, which is about practicality and hard work. The purpose of all of this is to establish your security so strongly that storms and super-tsunamis will not knock it down. Good to begin now.

水瓶 AQUARIUS.The last sentence of your last horoscope last issue said, “Through objective clarity and subjective revelation you will know”. Your search for consciousness continues and intensifies, but money matters may distract you for a while. Knowledge is expensive you discover. Good to make a financial plan and continue on. Money is not the purpose of your life.

雙魚 PISCES.Happy Birthday Beloved and many more. The transits indicate that this is a time of abundance for you, that you have all that you need, but that you tend to overspend too much, mostly on gifts and help to other people. Good for you to start a savings plan that motivates you to always have something in the pot for both yourself and others.