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HOROSCOPE: May-June 2017.

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此刻星情 MOOD OF THE MOMENT.At the same time more and more individuals are claiming their rights to be free, the tighter and more controlling conservative governments will be. Anger deep down underneath will be covered by smiles and social graces. So much energy invested in fighting with each other that problems of infrastructure and economy will find no solution.

牡羊 ARIES.The challenge and intensity continues for those born the week of the 10th. The restlessness and need for something new continues for those born the week of the 16th. For all Aries some fresh and charming energy comes into play this whole period of time. Use your power to create harmony and beauty in the world and people will like you just the way you are.

金牛 TAURUS.Everything is absolutely ok for you now except your beliefs. Beauty, love and affection come into your life now and the only thing which will interfere with it is some stubborn, obstinate belief that you feel you have to defend or argue or reject others about. Better to relate to the world and others on the basis of your feelings and essence than the phantoms of the mind.

雙子 GEMINI.Mars transit in Gemini all of May gives you a lot of impulse and energy to put some zest into life. Invest this energy into positive channels of activity and achievement and life is good. But too much of this energy ego-driven and un-channeled can be argument or aggression or impatience with others. Use your inner authority to channel yourself or outside authority will slow you down the last week of May.

巨蟹 CANCER.What to say. That Pluto transit opposite your sign continues to bring deep challenges and profound changes in your life. Thankfully, it is off and on and is not continuous in your life. There is always space and time to enjoy the life also. The juice for you at this time is your home and sense of security and old things you never threw away and give you good sweet memories.

獅子 LEO.This is a time of year, every year if you look back in your history, when you shine and your light is seen. Best to be with friends together in a foreign land. Or taking a class or group together would do. This is a time of being with the kinds of friends you can communicate and share ideas with and travel with. This is not a time to accomplish anything so maybe drop that idea.

處女 VIRGO.Neptune transit opposite your sign continues until 2025. It is strongest now for those born the week of September 4th. It may at first be confusing; Neptune rules Pisces which is on the other side of the wheel from your sign. But opposites are not bad; they are complementary, the other side of the coin. Logical, analytical thinking does not give you the bigger picture that can only be felt with intuition. This transit does.

天秤 LIBRA.This is absolutely the most significant time in your life for powerful karma-changing happenings in relationships. Either you meet the soul mate you have been yearning for or you finally reach the divine depths of the soul mate you have been with all these years. For some of you, the feeling is wonderful. For others, it happens the hard way. Both ways, the results are the same.

天蠍 SCORPIO.There is something to be learned that has no answer, but is so deep inside of you that it is the experience of your essence. It is like remembering something you have always known but could only vaguely express. When you focus long enough to go deep with this, your life is going to change for the positive in very new ways. Your 3rd eye begins to glow.

射手 SAGITTARIUS.It is a question of who is critical of you most, yourself or the other. This two-year Saturn transit might have been wearing down your individuality and self-respect. Now this Mars transit opposite Sagittarius brings some ego-driven conflict from the other in your life. Good to be active and busy together instead of fighting, like mountain climbing without using ropes or something.

魔羯 CAPRICORN.Maybe you become so obsessed to get the job done that you work yourself 25 hours day doing two things at once until your goal is achieved. The last week of May an obstacle gets in the way of completion and it is here the lesson is learned. What matters so much is not the achievement or success, but the struggle to get there. It is the totality of your effort that is the success, not the result.

水瓶 AQUARIUS.The paradox is that you need to make the long journey to discover the power and truth is deep inside you the whole time. Knowing it is already inside you always, it is tempting to do the logical thing and sit and contemplate your navel. At this time, it is not the best approach. When you are in foreign circumstances, the movie screen changes and you can better see the movie.

雙魚 PISCES.The Ruler of Pisces is Neptune and when Neptune is in Pisces during its 165 year cycle, you are quadruple sensitive more than usual during this 14 year transit. Be gentle with yourself beloved. Be as nice to yourself as you are to others. Any judgement you are putting on yourself at this time is about you being a good worker bee. You are not. You are a beautiful flower.