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HOROSCOPE: July-August 2017.
星座運勢雙月刊 2017年7~8月

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此刻星情 MOOD OF THE MOMENT.This period of time begins with a T-Square of some powerful explosive planets-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter. Should be equivalent to a Fukishima meltdown x10. It effects government, economy, infrastructure and housing. Trump’s chart indicates depression, impulsiveness and anger. Not a good time for fixed investments. Keep your resources liquid. Avoid confrontation with others. Not a good time for reason or a kind heart.

牡羊 ARIES.Boom Boom Bang Bang. Conflict everywhere and you are right in the middle of it. The forces are too powerful for you to use your usual strategy of charging single handedly and ramming your head into a brick wall. Partners and allies offer their support and resources for a common cause. There is a big big picture going on now far beyond your one single life.

金牛 TAURUS.There is the temptation to talk about it, talk about it, and reason does not prevail, and no one compromises, and no one agrees on anything about the other’s point of view and it gets hotter and hotter until tongues become swords and blood pressures become erupting volcanoes. There is the option of quietly minding your own business and making money while everyone else is dlistracted.

雙子 GEMINI.You are having a Venus transit during this time and you may be tempted to use this kind and caring energy to solve the conflicts around you with love and charm. Might as well try to brush the teeth of a snarling tiger who thinks you are an appetizer. It challenges your basic beliefs in the inherent goodness of mankind and in some kind of way may cost you money and resources.

巨蟹 CANCER.This huge conflict between demons and gods in heavens and earth directly involves the signs of Cancer and Capricorn directly at this time. Ouch ouch ouch. Anything showing stress in your life may crack at this time. Anything that ends will have a new beginning in another form. It may be one of the most significant times of your life…and then life becomes easier in September.

獅子 LEO.Mars transit in Leo during this time will give you motivation or mayhem. Mars is a self-centered dynamo that generates energy and power. The ruler of Mars is Pluto, which is like a nuclear bomb compared to a stick of dynamite. They are opposite each other the first week of June. Not a good time to go hang gliding or have surgery or taking risks. Good to drive carefully.

處女 VIRGO.You are known to be a reasonable and logical person with evidence and facts to support your point of view. This is a time when maybe the other side does not play this way. There is a tendency now for fanatical, extreme beliefs to be happening in the group to which you belong. Loyalty and obedience are demanded of you and also significant donations of support.

天秤 LIBRA.Being fair and considerate with others can get you into conflict sometimes. There are those who are not being fair and considerate and your innate sense of justice will not stand by and let others be abused. How to do it though? How to intervene? How to make things fair? If you speak reasonably, you will be ignored. If you use force, you sink to the level of the offender.

天蠍 SCORPIO.There are many minds available to you during this time and each one will give you a different truth. There is the abstract philosophical mind that will tell you that we are all one family. There is the logical mind that will give you names and facts about what you can see and touch. And there is the subconscious mind that will tell you joy is the source of all power and life.

射手 SAGITTARIUS.With Saturn transit the last two years, you have been more restrained and reserved than usual. It has not been the most social time in your life. Now things change. If you are still looking for love, it comes. If you have love, it gets better. You meet friends and groups that increase your consciousness and help in the fulfillment of your soul. The money doesn’t matter.

魔羯 CAPRICORN.This may be the most significant time in your life, either the highest of the high or the lowest of the low. Or both at the same time. Pluto transiting through Capricorn since 2008 brings power into your life, either crisis or consciousness. Mars opposition Pluto now the first part of June brings such a surge of power that it is supernova or meltdown. Drive carefully.

水瓶 AQUARIUS.Maybe it is time to slow down, increase your stability in life, clarify your finances, pay more attention to your health. But the grass is always greener over there and there are new horizons to be explored. There is a stirring in your unconscious until this dilemma is resolved and it is keeping you from having a good night’s sleep. Maybe go for the dream. Practicality is not the answer.

雙魚 PISCES.Have faith Beloved, you are in the right place at the right time and the right people are here to guide you through the maya and through the maze. You don’t have to make decisions with your mind and you don’t have to be practical. Like a big fish, you can park yourself in the middle of the river, open your mouth, and let the food swim to you. Trust in yourself. All Is One.