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HOROSCOPE: November-December 2017.
星座運勢雙月刊 2017年11~12月

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此刻星情 MOOD OF THE MOMENT.Major players in the world are not playing by the rules anymore. Disruption and chaos with treaties and international team efforts to get things done. More effort is put into making the rules stronger and unescapable so that they have to be followed. No exceptions. The result is that dictatorship creeps closer into our lives.

牡羊 ARIES.If you would just tell people what you are going to do before you do it, maybe people would not get so pissed off with you. This is a time of extreme argument and confrontation and your individualistic do-it-my-way might have something to do with it. If you take the time to explain things to people, then they feel considered and valued and particularly more tolerant.

金牛 TAURUS.There are two benefic good planets to have transiting the 7th House of Others and Relationship. Jupiter was there last horoscope and during this time you should have had enjoyable meetings with people of wisdom and success. Venus is happening also now and increases the positivity of relationships, particularly among others with artistic talents.

雙子 GEMINI.More meetings and talking talking with people in your life you enjoy and have something in common with. This is more like your true nature that the social aloneness you have been going through recently. You are a people’s people and sometimes it takes a little aloneness to remember that. Good to clean out your desk and get the little things done so you can be free.

巨蟹 CANCER.Your entire nature in relationships has evolved over time and experience into something very deep and meaningful. Many lessons have been learned. One is that love and relationship require the death of the ego. The one coming now is that if the relationship is not honorable, committed, and last til the end of time, then better to be alone.

獅子 LEO.Really unique powerful ideas coming to you now and some of them might work. The question is how much risk are you willing to take to see if they do. Tendency to try to go two different directions at once while the paradox is the source of your abundance is what you already have at Home. The source of your abundance is always with you.

處女 VIRGO.Maybe a tendency toward impulse spending or more bills to be paid than usual. Some expenses involved in relationship of an unexpected nature. Good time to stay in communication with brother and sister because expansion and joyfulness are waiting for you there. Stay in touch with everyone and don’t let your contacts and friends fade away.

天秤 LIBRA.You can forget about peace and harmony forever. Just a dream. If everything was in harmony, then everything would stop. There would be no movement and everything would die. It is friction that causes movement that gives life. Having said all that, when things do move, they naturally move toward balance and harmony…for awhile.

天蠍 SCORPIO.Usually you are reserved and watching in social gatherings, but maybe since last October, a Jupiter Mr. Good Guy transit has brought some juice to your life and an honest joyful smile to your face. Now a Venus transit makes it even better. Jupiter is loud in its fun, while Venus is soft and brings art and grace.

射手 SAGITTARIUS.It may become obvious more than ever now that not only Faith can move mountains, but it can also re-shape your spirit and soul. Mobilization of your resources and capacity for positive thinking will enable you to deeply enrich the lives of others who are in spiritual distress. Good humor is your religion and is revealed by the jokes you tell.

魔羯 CAPRICORN.Pluto has been going through Capricorn since 2008 causing all kinds of crises and problems with big business and government. Now comes, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, to put your feet on the ground and to finish the things that need to be done. Preparation for tomorrow is Capricorn. Always good to double your insurance and double your savings.

水瓶 AQUARIUS.Jupiter transiting 10th House. Very nice if you are still working. Good for success in profession and social recognition. If you are not still working, then it is more likely for you to meet successful or joyous or famous people at this time. There come opportunities to expand your activities over a broader range and to be involved with life on a bigger scale.

雙魚 PISCES.Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has been transiting Pisces from 2011-2025. It is like double Pisces, more Pisces energy layer on top of more Pisces energy. Neptune dissolves, particularly the hardness of the Ego. It is like a cloud and a dream. There are times when you don’t know who you are or where you are going. It is not a problem. It is an achievement.